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Well, I did it. I've entered the Anyone, Anytime, Anywhere Fuh-Q-Fest. It's a multi-fandom, multi-pairing Fest, which hopefully will draw in a good variety of writers. It's certainly got a good variety of challenges. But this is a definite first for me, in more ways than one. For one thing, I've never entered a Fuh-Q Fest before, and I'm already asking myself what in the world I was thinking.

I entered, though, for three big reasons. First and foremost, I found a scenario that hooked me, that started the ideas boiling around in my head. It's one I think I could make a good story out of, and that's really the most important thing. Second, this Fest has a slightly longer running time than most of the Harry Potter Fests, allowing four months from beginning to end instead of three. Four months is still a pretty tight timetable for me, but I think I can do it if I don't get too ambitious with the idea I have.

The third reason, though, is the one that's making me the most nervous. I've been diddling around with some Harry Potter stories for ages, but haven't yet finished anything, and I thought if I had a goal and a deadline it might motivate me. I'm not sure if it's going to work, but the worst thing that will happen is that I won't be able to get the story finished and I will look like a dingbat. But at least I'll have tried, and I'm hoping that will be worth something.
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I've decided to celebrate my return to fandom by starting a Livejournal. I'm not sure how much I'll be updating this, but at the very least I hope to keep up a little better with what's going on in fandomland.

For the record, I decided to do my gafiating a few months back because I found myself getting way too worked up about stupid things. It wasn't that I was getting more irritated by stupid things, it was that I was letting my irritation get the better of me. So, I went away for a while, and feel much better.

I've also been thinking that I might like to finish up and post some of the Harry Potter stories that I've been messing with. I resisted writing in the fandom for a while, but I've been playing with some ideas that might be fun to write and post. We'll see.


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