Dec. 14th, 2004

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So, I'm curious. I finally decided to title this one ancient stubbornly-untitlable story, employing my usual method of trolling through the collected works of Christopher Marlowe looking for quotes, and I started wondering where I got most of my titles from.

I was surprised that, while Marlowe was certainly the single largest outside source, he's only responsible for the titles of 7 of my previously posted stories. 7 more titles were from other sources (1 song, 1 TV show, 2 books, 1 saying, 1 government form) and the remaining 9 (the ones of two words or less, strangely enough :)) were ones that I seem to have thought up myself.

And that brings me to a few questions for other title-makers: Do you have any favored source for titles? Do you deliberately avoid titles from outside sources? Avoid titles from particular sources like songs or Shakespeare? Do you like to have a title that ties into the fandom for which the story is being written? Do you like to have a common theme through all your titles? Insist on making them all up from scratch?

As for readers, is there anything that turns you on or off about a title? Do you dislike titles from certain sources? Prefer titles that have meaning within the fandom? Like or dislike long or short titles? Not care?

Just curious. :)


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